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Temporary Warehouse Buildings

Temporary Warehouse Buildings

Quickly expand your warehouse space and eliminate the need to rent off-site warehouse space

Key Advantages of Warehouses by Portable Venues

You can hire a temporary building from 500 - 25000sq ft at your premises and have it installed in just 7 - 28 days from order…

  • There are no up-front fees to pay
  • Pay your rentals in arrears, not in advance
  • There are no minimum hire periods for you to commit to
  • No additional (hidden) charges for delivery and installation
  • And only seven days notice to terminate the hire

Avoid having to rent warehouse space off-site to meet your extra space requirements. Keep your warehousing on site and remove the need for additional costs associated with leasing space off site. With quick installation time-scales and no long term hire agreement, you can rapidly react to changing business needs.

However, if your products are temperature or climate-sensitive, you can opt for a purpose-built permanent steel building.

Compare Our Buildings Features

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Portable Venues Temporary Buildings are available as a stock item in a huge variety of sizes for hire on the most flexible terms in the industry for your Temporary Warhouse



You can quickly and easily extend your existing space or create an entirely new Temporary Warhouse Building on any available or unused space on your site.

Comfort and Protection

Comfort and Protection

Portable Venues Temporary Warhouse Buildings are available with either budget, un-insulated roof covers and wall cladding or air-insulated anti-condensation roofs and 40mm insulated wall cladding.

Short Construction Timescales

Short Construction Timescales

You could be up and running within 7 - 28 days of ordering.

Supplied Documents Pack

Supplied Documents Pack

We will provide you with layout drawings and any necessary documentation for planning if required.

Case Studies by Building Type

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The Most Flexible Terms for Temporary Warehouse Buildings

If you have a temporary warehouse or storage need you want to solve quickly, and cost-effectively, there's no easier, faster or more flexible way to do it than with one of our temporary warehouse buildings.

Because we can have you up and running with a Portable Venues 'Instant' temporary warehouse building in just 7-21 days from now, subject to stock availability.

And you don't pay a single penny up-front before the building is installed. Nothing.

So there are no delays getting started, and you won't have to find a huge chunk of money for the installation charge before you have the warehouse building installed, either.

Better still, on our temporary buildings there is NO minimum hire contract and NO 'pre-determined' hire periods for you to sign either. (In fact, there is no contract at all).

You simply pay the flat weekly charges, starting at the 0-6 week rate, and then move in to each reducing price band as your hire continues - with no additional costs to pay - ever.

Any other company you call will expect you to sign up for a minimum rental term. Pay them a huge chunk of money with the order. And even pay additional charges for the plant needed to install the building.

And all that's before you even get in to all their small print which will clearly state you need to give them months and months of advanced notice to terminate the lease...

Which is great, if you've got a crystal ball! But not many people have, and that's why it's far more open, fair and transparent to offer you a flexible deal like ours.

There are no upfront payments to make

Why pay up front for it - and then rent in advance? Wouldn't you rather pay after you're happy with the installed building, then pay as you go?


There are no hidden charges whatsoever.

What you see on the quote is what you pay.

There's no hire contract or lease to sign

A big advantage in today's uncertain climate, wouldn't you agree?

You hire the building weekly until you finish with it.

You give us just seven days notice to remove it and that terminates the hire.

The machinery and plant hire for installation is included in the price.

And with no charge for delivery or removal either.

You are covered by our 'fanatical service pledge' call out guarantee.

This means if you report damage or request a call-out, and we are not there when we say we'll be there, you get a week's free hire.


365 Day "Service Pledge" Guarantee


A gimmick? Absolutely not!

Picture this. It's Friday afternoon, just gone four. You're winding up, looking ahead to a meal out with your partner or a night on the town and - wouldn't you know it? - A fork lift goes through a side panel of the building.  You can't leave until it's fixed, and it's you who's got to sort it out.  Pick up the phone and we'll bend over backwards to sort it for you - in fact, if we fail to attend to a problem within 24 hours of your call, or the agreed time, we'll give you a week's free hire.

Besides all this, you get a brand new high quality (easy to use) digital camera with your first order, yours to keep forever.

Another gimmick? Not at all. If you ever have a problem, photograph it, send it to us, then we arrive with everything we need to fix it - quickly.

Ok, maybe I am biased? But that's only because our business model is based around accommodating you - on your terms.  Which, is why we've handled in excess of 1200 separate hires since we began hiring out temporary buildings in 1998.

For peace of mind there is no better place to get your Temporary Warehouse Building.

However, if you think you may need a more permanent warehousing solution take a look at our Smart-Space website for some permanent steel buildings or our intrim use buildings.

If you would like further details or a quick estimate please complete the box below.

Thank you for your interest in our temporary warehouse buildings.


Antony Hunt

Managing Director


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