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Temporary Warehouse Buildings

A small selection of our temporary warehouse installations
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Temporary Warehouse Installation - Thermo Insulated Roof

Like so many companies seeing an up-turn in business, Arken POP (point of purchase) were in need of additional warehouse space - and they needed it fast. Faced with this challenge, you can either try and find an empty unit close by or if you’re fortunate enough to have yard space at your existing premises, you can quickly and cost-effectively have a temporary warehouse building erected.

Buy a Temporary Warehouse Building Instead of Renting

This particular company had a plan to build a permanent extension to cope with increased stock holdings, but at a cost in excess of £900,000.00 for a conventional warehouse. Instead they opted for one of our 'Instant' warehouses, which came in at a fraction of the cost.

Hire Temporary Warehouse - Temporary Warehousing Solution

The client was looking to create additional parts storage at their site in Peterborough. The company identified an area of ground where a temporary parts warehouse building was to be sited and chose a re-locatable temporary buildings as it was to be bolted directly to their existing surface, as they did not want the additional expense of a new concrete base.

Hire of Temporary Warehouse for Cold Storage Company

"We were impressed by the flexibility and speed of response by Tony Hunt and his team, in particular Jason Lynock, who got on the case, sourced the building and got behind the installation team to ensure that our needs were met."

Additional Warehouse Building for Transportation Company

Portable Venues supplies additional temporary warehouse to a Suffolk Transport company to meet the needs of a growing contract with an existing supplier

Temporary Warehouse Hired to meet Production Increases

This Nottingham based joinery company won a new contract to supply the local authority with furniture and needed additional space for production at their premises. So they have hired a 400sq mtr re-locatable temporary building, which they are using to store raw materials which were inside their factory, to free up space for additional production space.

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